Must-have Tech Gadgets For College Students

Technology has proven to be an effective educational tool for young and adult students. In this post, we’ll discuss the top gadgets you can fully maximize to bring out the A-student in you.

Before we discuss the nitty gritty of the topic, here are some facts about mobile usage in colleges and universities in the US. Based on a study, 73 percent of college students said that they can’t study without technology. In fact, most of them use their mobile devices when taking down notes. When communicating with professors, 91 percent inquire through email. Traditional books are now being replaced by e-readers, and more than half of the entire collegiate population create visuals and presentations using digital devices. In order to join the bandwagon, here are some of the gadgets that every college student should have:

A Smartphone

As mentioned by, in many aspects, smartphone is similar to a small laptop. With this gadget, you can create a document, spreadsheet or even a class presentation. It may also come in handy when conducting an online research, editing a short video infomercial, scribbling down important notes and recording classroom lectures. When it comes to computing power, today’s mobile devices are no longer different from your PC. If you look at O2’s Galaxy S4 sign-up page, you’ll see that the Samsung’s latest phone is equipped with an 8-core CPU. This, so far, is the fastest and most powerful smartphone processor today.

Aside from functioning as an e-reader, with this device, you can also run apps that we’ve discussed previously to break your boredom inside the lecture hall.

A Computer

A PC is more ideal than a laptop, because notebooks have several limitations. Those who are majoring in film production, for example, needs a more robust machine to experiment with audio and video editing. Although you can’t bring your desktop PC in the classroom, its expandable RAM and hard disk space are just some of the things worth considering.

A Tablet

Do you find the smartphone too small for your needs? There are tons of tablet available in the market. There’s the iPad and tons of choices for an Android tab. If you’ll strictly use it for e-book reading, you can opt for a Kindle. Tablets are more portable than a laptop, therefore, you can use it while browsing books in the library or while walking in the hallowed halls of your university.

An External Drive

Do we still need this hardware now that Cloud computing is very much popular among students? Think of this scenario: If your computer breaks and there’s a network outage in the area, with an external hard drive, you can still retrieve your important files.  Plus, the Cloud has a limited storage and won’t even allow you to store huge files such as movies and programs.

Bluetooth printer

Although some professors won’t require academic papers, having a speedy printer around will be of great help. Why Bluetooth printer? This helpful machine isn’t limited to a single PC. You can print a note or e-book straight from your mobile device.

A loud alarm clock

Part of a student’s life is putting in a lot of hours into studying or partying. Those who usually sleep late and still needs to be in time for his or her lecture, needs to invest in a very loud alarm clock.

A good headset

To avoid noise-related conflicts with your college roommate, you need a headset when watching media files whether in your mobile phone or computer. Invest in a moderately expensive one that will last for years. Do not purchase a cheaper one that you will replace sooner than expected.

Some of the devices mentioned above are expensive while some are affordable. Our short list includes some of the tools that we think you’ll need throughout your college years. Do you want to add a gadget that you think falls in this category? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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