How to Let the Headhunters Get a Hold of Your Head

Looking for a job, getting turned down and waiting endlessly for a call can get very stressful and frustrating. The whole ritual of finding the perfect words to write in a resume and adjusting your CV from employer to employer can seem like an exercise in futility really quickly.

In this competitive job market, some have figured out a way to make the process a little bit more straightforward. Enter the very special people in human resources called ‘Headhunters.’ While the name might sound like you should be avoiding them, the ultimate goal is to lure them in.

Rules of headhunting

Professional ‘headhunters’ are paid to search the work force for the perfect fit for an unannounced vacant position in a company. Most of the time, when a person is looking for a job, they receive a call, e-mail, or LinkedIn connection out of the blue. This means a headhunter has found your trail. Congratulations, you’ve successfully eliminated the long and winding process of resume submissions and job browsing.

However, not everyone will have the chance to encounter them. To improve your chances, here are some guidelines.

Choose your breeding ground

The easiest way to get noticed is to shine the brightest, and making a name for yourself is the surest way to get headhunted. As you might have heard, networking plays a major part in building your career.

Attend conventions, conferences, and important gatherings where industry experts are present. Make sure you list your name and company on the guest list. To push it a step further, research about the recruitment agencies and consultants in your industry and look for their sponsored events. A little bit of research goes a long way. Networking soirees are headhunters’ favorite hunting field.

Improve your digital scent

Digital networking has been replacing personal interviews for many years now. Virtual connections are as good as personal ones. Get yourself familiarized with the ins and outs of LinkedIn. Become active on both Facebook and Twitter. Try and connect with the headhunting firms in your field. Richard McMunn, director of How2Become, believes that to gain exposure and interest, establishing profiles in all major social networking platforms is a must.

“You want the content you share between these three networks to be consistent,” he said. Remember that it pays to be consistent in everything you present online. This is a valuable trait to job hunters

Damage control

Google yourself. Does the first page show favorable links? Is there a rather unsavory entry on the first few searches? Maybe it’s time to do some reputation management, and learn to be careful in posting anything next time.

Never say anything that will be considered tactless. Remember that anything you post on the internet, even the comments on random sites, is public domain and can be traced back to you. There are laws preventing discrimination in employment from social media, but that doesn’t mean that you can post anything you want out loud. Be responsible for your actions, and manage your online presence.

Have you been headhunted? If not, what is your game plan to get these headhunters going your way?


Upcoming iPhone Features hinted based on iOS 7

Although Apple has been keeping it a secret, there are some features in the iOS 7 that hints certain hardware updates we might actually see in the next iPhone. Will the upcoming generation finally include an NFC chip and a camera with a higher megapixel?

Before we present the speculated updates, one thing we can be certain about the next Apple phone is that it’ll retain its Nano SIM holder. We’ve seen a drastic change in iPhone sim sizes over the past few years, from Mini to Micro to Nano SIM. It may not matter for some people who’ll avail the product with a new service, but for those who wish to purchase outside of the contract, they might want to use their old sim with a data plan. For example, in the UK, owners of the iPad sims from O2 can use it in the next iDevice without needing a replacement and waiting for the activation period.

Below, we will mention six things that we can expect in the much-awaited iPhone 5s or iPhone 6:

Apple A7 Chip and 2GB RAM

It isn’t surprising if Apple will name its next CPU with A7 following the A6 chip in the iPhone 5, A5 in the iPhone 4S and A4 in the iPhone 4, respectively. The only question that’s left is, “what’s with the A7?” In an online blog based from a leaked image of the A7 CPU, it is suggested that the chip will sport a Quad-core processing power clocked at the speed of 1.2GHz. This is two times faster compared to the Dual-core A6 chip of the current model. The source also claimed that iPhone 5S will have 2GB  of RAM, double the current memory of iPhone 5.

Camera Upgrade

The camera software enhancements in iOS 7 can’t predict what kind of capturing hardware Apple will include in its next mobile device. However, the new system is capable of supporting a video capture of 60fps, double the value of the smartphone standard 30fps. This kind of feature requires a more advanced image sensor. That is why a lot of rumours claim that Apple will jump from the 8-megapixel in iPhone 5 to 12-megapixel. Some tech blogs also hinted a dual-LED flash to be brought alongside its camera.

Still, No NFC

A support for NFC requires an overall change in its hardware, but since we are in the S year, we are not going to see a significant hardware overhaul. But what really made this claim possible is the inclusion of the AirDrop sharing system. At the WWDC, Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP for Apple’s software engineering introduced AirDrop by saying, “there’s no need to walk around the room, you know, bumping phones.” The new file sharing method will solely use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Although NFC plays an important role in cashless payments in various cashiers and establishment counters, they will most likely stick with their native PassBook application.

Added Physical Sensor

The company introduced a new behaviour for the wallpapers. Tilting the device in different directions will reveal the cropped portion of the picture that was used as a background design.  It’s because iOS 7 has a support for inclinometer, a tool for measuring slopes and elevations in relation to gravity.

These are just some of the rumours we’ve learned so far. These are something to look forward on as we mark our calendars and wait for its expected release. We will also keep you updated with news and relevant stories regarding the next iDevice. Did we miss some news about the iPhone 5S? You can share your stories below the comment section.

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