How to Let the Headhunters Get a Hold of Your Head

Looking for a job, getting turned down and waiting endlessly for a call can get very stressful and frustrating. The whole ritual of finding the perfect words to write in a resume and adjusting your CV from employer to employer can seem like an exercise in futility really quickly.

In this competitive job market, some have figured out a way to make the process a little bit more straightforward. Enter the very special people in human resources called ‘Headhunters.’ While the name might sound like you should be avoiding them, the ultimate goal is to lure them in.

Rules of headhunting

Professional ‘headhunters’ are paid to search the work force for the perfect fit for an unannounced vacant position in a company. Most of the time, when a person is looking for a job, they receive a call, e-mail, or LinkedIn connection out of the blue. This means a headhunter has found your trail. Congratulations, you’ve successfully eliminated the long and winding process of resume submissions and job browsing.

However, not everyone will have the chance to encounter them. To improve your chances, here are some guidelines.

Choose your breeding ground

The easiest way to get noticed is to shine the brightest, and making a name for yourself is the surest way to get headhunted. As you might have heard, networking plays a major part in building your career.

Attend conventions, conferences, and important gatherings where industry experts are present. Make sure you list your name and company on the guest list. To push it a step further, research about the recruitment agencies and consultants in your industry and look for their sponsored events. A little bit of research goes a long way. Networking soirees are headhunters’ favorite hunting field.

Improve your digital scent

Digital networking has been replacing personal interviews for many years now. Virtual connections are as good as personal ones. Get yourself familiarized with the ins and outs of LinkedIn. Become active on both Facebook and Twitter. Try and connect with the headhunting firms in your field. Richard McMunn, director of How2Become, believes that to gain exposure and interest, establishing profiles in all major social networking platforms is a must.

“You want the content you share between these three networks to be consistent,” he said. Remember that it pays to be consistent in everything you present online. This is a valuable trait to job hunters

Damage control

Google yourself. Does the first page show favorable links? Is there a rather unsavory entry on the first few searches? Maybe it’s time to do some reputation management, and learn to be careful in posting anything next time.

Never say anything that will be considered tactless. Remember that anything you post on the internet, even the comments on random sites, is public domain and can be traced back to you. There are laws preventing discrimination in employment from social media, but that doesn’t mean that you can post anything you want out loud. Be responsible for your actions, and manage your online presence.

Have you been headhunted? If not, what is your game plan to get these headhunters going your way?


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